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Anush & Aksaya - Vibrant, Calm & everything's a Charm!!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Well all you can imagine is Shahrukh Khan stretching his arms and singing Tujhe Dekha to ye jana Sanam from DDLJ in this beautiful scenery. The location in terms of a film language is a vibrant setting of yellow flowers and technically the cast, Hero and Heroine; Anush & Aksaya added the element of storytelling to the frame.

While driving down for the couple shoot, we spotted this beautiful place. Anush and Aksaya were one of the most comfortable couple's we've worked with as a team. Their energy was simply contagious and just rubbed on to us in an instant. Just like the season Spring; Anush and Aksaya are such warm and pleasant people one can meet. Here's us wishing them all the happiness, love and warmth to their new beginnings, may their lives always be like Spring- Warm, Pleasant and with a burst of Colours.

Anush and Aksaya's wedding is very special to us as a team. Akshaya's lovely bridal march complimented by the scenic sky, a very emotional Anush, their perfect wedding vows that when exchanged was emotional and adorable. The Wedding ceremony was exquisite and made us feel super happy and content to be a part of their beautiful day.



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